Larry Stewart Lawrence Larry Stewart Lawrence is a 14th generation Californian, born in 1950.  He began his interest in metal sculpture when he was seventeen years old and still in high school.  Claire Falkenstein, the world famous artist, was looking for a helper-apprentice with the basic skills to help fabricate and construct one of her monumental fountain sculpture “Structure and Flow” which is now at the Long Beach Museum of Art in Long Beach, California.  In the fourteen months it took to complete the project, he received a crash course in the Falkenstein philosophy of art e.g., the “Sign of the U” and the “Never Ending Screen”.
It was fourteen months that changed the way he looked at everything, forever. In the years that followed Lawrence continued to experiment with a variety of art forms.  He is most noted for his jewelry design, custom rings, cuff-links, necklaces, pins and brooches.  One-of-a-kind pieces are often done in “Falkenstein style” as well as contemporary, modern and period styles.  Lawrence once made the jewelry worn in the television series, “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”.  He is comfortable working in a variety of mediums from iron, wood and stone, to gold, silver and diamonds.  Currently, Lawrence is expanding to include musical instruments such as guitars, dulcimers and violins.
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Although always with an eye on the future and new interests, he is the most excited about returning to his beginnings and creating fountain sculptures in the “Falkenstein style”.  Rather than concentrating on the monumental, as in the case of Falkenstein’s “Structure and Flow”, Lawrence will be focusing on smaller fountains, from table top to garden size, making this art form more accessible to a wider range of art lovers.
What makes these fountains so unique is Falkenstein’s idea of combining the two elements of water and metal into one integral sculpture.  The water actually becomes part of the sculpture rather than just a backdrop or after-thought, as in the case of most fountains.
This web site was created so that more people could come to know the work of this artist, what he is doing now and in the future.  With that in mind, you are invited to check back often.


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